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This is where we share our thoughts, ideas and opinions on life and the industry. Delve in and tell us what you think. Feedback is always welcome.

20 November 2018

An introduction to our Kin team - Tracey Fletcher

"It comes back to employee experience, where it’s important to make sure each employee knows their purpose day-to-day and how that fits into the bigger picture and purpose for the organisation."

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1 November 2018

An introduction to our Kin team - Wendy Alexander

"Purpose is important because it gives your work more meaning."

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1 October 2018

My top three lessons learned after a year growing a start-up

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we launched Kin and what a year it’s been.

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28 September 2018

Great people make work wonderful

Ten months ago we launched Kin, sister company to Humankind. We did this to offer a better recruitment experience, for both clients and candidates.

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10 September 2018

Profit and Purpose and why we love both

From very early on in the Kin journey, our team were clear that they wanted to align with and support the not-for-profit sector.

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11 April 2018

A Job Hunter's Market

When attracting and retaining top talent is critical to winning in business, employers might be feeling more nervous about the latest results from Trade Me...

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2 November 2017

What makes Kin different?

For a while now, we’ve been hearing from clients and candidates that the recruitment industry could be better. The traditional approach to

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31 October 2017

Why Kin?

This year we have developed our proposition, built a brand, visual identity, website, built an amazing team, implemented new technology and all the operational support systems to get a business off the ground.

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