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Wendy Alexander | 28 June 2021

Three things to consider if you’re struggling to find the talent you need to grow your business.

If you’re recruiting right now, you’ll know how tough it is to attract high quality talent.

In New Zealand our talent pool is finite at the best of times but with our borders heavily restricted that pool has shrunk even further, with no end in sight.

So how do companies who are on a growth trajectory find the talent they need to grow their business? Job boards (post and pray) work well enough in a normal market, but what we’re experiencing post Covid is far from that.

Here are three things you can try to increase your chances of attracting talent to your business:

Take a fresh look at your EVP and benefits.

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is made up of all those things that contribute to keeping your team engaged, happy, and committed. There are so many opportunities for modern companies to create environments that are inclusive and flexible in how they meet the needs of their employees.

Salary, flexible working, career / professional development, enhanced leave (duvet day, birthday leave, long service or unlimited leave) wellness benefit, health insurance, enhanced Kiwisaver contribution, and employee share schemes are some benefits you could consider. The market has moved in the last 18 months and while salary is still important, it’s often not in the top benefit employees are looking for.

Engage with video.

If you’re in the market for new employees right now, consider taking your courage in hand and shooting a short, candid video to use as part of your attraction strategy. It could be done by one of your business leaders, someone from your team, or it could be a pair from your team riffing off one another. If you can sell your ‘why’ and what it feels like to work with your business, you’re onto a winner. Some of the best video’s we’ve seen are low tech (shot from a mobile device), authentic, and accurately capture what life at your business feels like.

Beef up your employee referral scheme.

Your current team will have friends, a network, and be part of communities that are connected to the talent you’re looking for. Employee referral schemes have been around for a while (offering a cash or other incentive for employees to refer top talent to your business) but they’re more important now than ever. Loudly broadcast your referral scheme to your people and reward the talent you have, for referring the talent you need.

Whatever magic tricks you use to attract new talent to your business, remember too to hold on to the talent you already have; in this market they’ll likely be approached with competing opportunities on the daily!

How are you finding the market?