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Our team

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Our team   

While you’ll enjoy the expert assistance of your dedicated talent specialist, working with one of us means working with all of us. We’re all on your team.

Wendy Alexander

Managing Director

+64 27 277 6489

I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for almost my entire career and feel as passionate about it today as I did when I first began. What excites me most about the business we’ve created is the impact its having on our clients and candidates. I strongly believe that recruitment should be a positive experience – one that’s memorable and based on trust. I’m proud to lead a team of exceptionally talented recruiters who genuinely care about the people they work with, and are excited about reshaping recruitment.

Samantha Gadd


Having founded Humankind in 2012, I’m excited to be introducing Kin to the market. I believe the employee experience begins before starting a new role, and I’m excited to offer exceptional client and candidate experiences through our wonderful team. I’m grateful for the team we’ve brought together and the clients who have supported us from day one. We believe Kin will add strength to Humankind’s ability to achieve our vision: helping build the best workplaces in the world.

Jo Macdonald

Team Lead

+64 22 689 9078

For me, great recruitment is all about building strong relationships. I believe in operating in an open and authentic way to ensure both my clients and candidates have a positive experience. My background is in account management and more recently in recruitment. I’m really excited to be a part of the team at Kin and to work with a talented group of specialists who live and breathe the Kin values that underpin everything we do, such as ‘helping people to love what they do and do what they love’.

Rebecca Gallagher

Talent Specialist

+64 27 477 9433

I have a very simple philosophy when it comes to recruitment: I care about people and I treat them the way I want to be treated. Having worked in the industry for more than 10 years, I believe a good recruitment process is well planned, collaborative, and stress-free. I love to take time to understand the uniqueness of each client and each candidate, and then bring the two together.

Tracey Fletcher

Talent Specialist

+64 22 0150 343

My recruitment background is varied and this has given me a real insight into what works and what doesn't - for both clients and candidates. I believe in doing what is right and enjoy being looked to as a reliable partner in the recruitment process. My aim is to provide a stress-free recruitment experience where great organisations are matched with great people. I am excited to be part of the Kin team as we continue to grow and move from strength to strength.

Nicola van Heerden

Talent Specialist

+64 29 770 7936

I love working collaboratively with clients and candidates, really getting alongside them and understanding what makes them tick. I find it hugely satisfying to connect great candidates with new opportunities and equally help clients find their next amazing hire. I first started in recruitment over 10 years ago and over that time I’ve held numerous roles, worn many hats and brought people together to achieve beautiful things. I believe the recruitment process is creative – part art, part science, and a whole lot of conversations!

Philippa Greaney

Talent Specialist

+64 21 960 890

I believe that loving the work you do is fundamental to fulfilment. Professionally I can't think of anything more important than creating a perfect match for both client and candidate. I believe in honesty and equality in the process. I have a background in general management and have also developed and ran my own web-based recruitment business. I'm thrilled to be part of the Kin team with like-minded passionate people.

Nicky Lyne

Talent Specialist

+64 21 477 880

I’m excited to be part of the Kin team and help bring a fresh and more modern recruitment approach to the market. With almost 15 years’ experience in the recruitment industry - Kin's approach is something that I truly believe in. I am very passionate about my role in facilitating the behind the scenes processes for my wonderful team mates, where I can connect them with amazing candidates that result in high quality recruitment outcomes for our clients.

Samara Fischer

Talent Specialist

+64 21 830 146

I’m a self-described 'people person' and enjoy connecting with people from a variety of backgrounds and discovering their unique life stories. To me, recruitment is professional matchmaking, and facilitating a valuable match for client and candidate is my favourite part of the job. My professional background is diverse, spanning across private, not for profit and government sectors. I’m excited about joining Kin and making many more professional matches and sharing ideas on perfecting this art with the team.

Melanie Butler

Talent Specialist

+64 22 131 9176

I feel proud to be part of the exceptional Kin family. Our approach is one I wholeheartedly believe in - we listen to our clients’ needs to tailor a meaningful solution, and we provide an authentic, human approach. One size does not fit all! We believe the recruitment industry can do better and that's exactly what we strive to do. We're in boots and all when we engage with you. We put people first and I love that about us.

Rachel Beattie

Talent Specialist

+64 27 946 6275

I’m passionate about the impact the right person makes in a business, and the right job makes on a person. In an increasing complex world of work, the way in which we recruit presents exciting opportunities and real challenges. I bring a depth of talent acquisition experience, such as search, early careers, diversity and inclusion and employment brand, to support client success. Whether a strategic project or an important hire, I pride myself on providing a structured approach, best suited to your business and a great experience for your team and talent community.

Stephanie Patterson

Talent Specialist

+64 27 215 3576

There is nothing better than connecting an awesome candidate with their dream job, and a fantastic business with an ideal team member. With more than 15 years’ experience in Recruitment and HR, I have seen lots of changes in the industry, but one thing remains consistent; people are the heart, soul and future of any organisation. I love taking time to understand peoples’ passions and goals, in order to connect like minds who will each contribute to the others’ growth – sounds like a win-win to me.

Natasha Symonds

Talent Specialist

+64 22 069 5284

I am truly excited to be part of Kin’s authentic approach to the industry. Integrity and honesty are extremely important to me, and I love that Kin is leading the market with a proposition built on these values. I have diverse experience across many industries which enables me to understand business needs from a wide perspective. I am passionate about building strong relationships with both candidates and clients. I love that as Recruiters we can have a meaningful, and long-term impact on people’s lives and businesses – which I consider a privileged position to be in!

Theresa Nguyen

Talent Specialist

+64 21 850 617

People are my passion and the reason I’ve built my career around recruitment. I’ve worked in markets both here in New Zealand and in Australia, across a broad range of roles and industries. I love taking the time to really understand what my client is looking for and then find them someone truly amazing. And I love spending time with candidates to learn about their passions, their drivers, and who they are as a person because we all know how important it is to love your job!

Liz Clark

Talent Specialist

+64 021 414 019

My journey in recruitment started more than 10 years ago and I have worked in both agency, and internal recruitment environments. At Kin I feel as though I am working in a blend of the two! I have recruited roles across a variety of sectors and levels and enjoy the search component that often accompanies complex roles. I love the open, honest and supportive environment at Kin, and the amazing feeling I get when I help bring the right client together with the right candidate.

Steve Gadd


+64 21 087 95581

I love business and know the value of strong finance and operations management during growth. I like supporting the team at Kin to provide exceptional client experiences and also be the contact for our clients on any accounts matters. Working with my wife is awesome, most of the time - we understand the value of teamwork and together with the rest of the Kin team are excited about the future.

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