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Talent Services

Attracting the very best

Forward-thinking leaders focus on attracting the best talent to help their brand succeed. Our Strategic Talent Services prepare your business for its next stage of growth.

We're also here to support you through these turbulent times. If your business is going through change, consider supporting those employees whose roles have been disestablished with our career coaching service.

Strategic Talent Services

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Market mapping

A market map gives you a strategic advantage over your competitors, especially in times of skill shortages. We scan the market to discover where the people you most need on your team are located right now. And that’s just the beginning: starting a conversation with them is where the magic happens.



Give your team members the skills and tools they need to build confidence in their ability to attract and recruit great talent. Our workshops are designed to lift the capability of your hiring managers or internal recruitment team to improve recruitment outcomes and turn candidates into fans.


Targeted approach

Our team is highly skilled at turning heads because we represent your brand and opportunity in a compelling way. When approaching a candidate who is not in the market, an approach must be very deliberate and executed with care. You’ve only got one shot.

Career Coaching

Career coaching3

To support employees affected by change in their workplace, Kin has developed a set of carefully curated career coaching modules. These modules equip people to be well prepared for future work opportunities in today’s market. Each module has been designed so that the individual can select which topics feel most relevant to their situation. Sessions can be delivered one to one or in small groups, facilitated by one of our experienced Talent Specialists. In our experience, the best results come when all four modules are completed.

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Prepare your business for growth.

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