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This is where we share our thoughts, ideas and opinions on life and the industry. Delve in and tell us what you think. Feedback is always welcome.

30 September 2022

An Introduction To Our Team - Nikki Ting

"We essentially become 'an employee' of our clients, working for them, knowing and understanding what talent they want for their business. I love that relationship."

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16 September 2022

Mirrors, Windows and Doors

Earlier this week in our regular Tuesday team connection meeting Tracey shared the concept of mirrors, windows, and doors with us. She’d heard it from one of our awesome clients, and it’s one of those concepts that has really struck a chord with me. Have you heard it before?

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21 June 2022

Onboarding – it starts sooner than you think!

In this blog I want to share a couple of ideas on how to make the most of the four week notice period.

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17 May 2022

Let’s talk about benefits

"Every business is powered by amazing humans and chances are if you’re scaling, you’re on the lookout for more".

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11 May 2022

An Introduction to our Kin Team - Nicola McGregor

"Kin has changed the way I think about recruitment".

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11 April 2022

Kin's Journey to B Corp Certification

If you’re flirting with, curious about, or only vaguely aware of B Corp, you might be interested in Kin’s journey to joining this growing movement.

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10 March 2022

Gratefulness every day

"It got me thinking recently about how important practicing gratefulness is".

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1 November 2021

The Great Counter Offer

"Your amazing candidate gets pulled back into the fold by what is usually some sort of large gold plated dangly carrot"

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