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Wendy Alexander | 2 November 2017

What makes Kin different?

Last week we launched Kin. A fresh modern way of doing recruitment.

For a while now, we’ve been hearing from clients and candidates that the recruitment industry could be better. The traditional approach to recruiting talent is simply no longer enough in today’s business environment. That’s why we have positioned ourselves as a new-generation recruiter. 

Recruiting top talent is critical to all businesses and the implications of getting it wrong are huge, both financially and for the existing team culture. We believe recruitment should be a positive experience, for all involved. We’re doing things a little differently to most so we thought we’d share with you what we believe will make for a great recruitment experience. 

The traditional approach to recruiting talent is simply no longer enough in today’s business environment.

We deliver high-touch client experiences and thoughtful candidate experience, ensuring you get what you need and everyone has a positive experience with your brand – incredibly important when attracting great talent.

Flexible Services

It’s 2017 and being locked into a contract gives people the shakes. Gym memberships, power companies, internet are now all shifting towards naked contracts, pay only when you use it and leave when you want. While recruitment is a completely different kettle of fish we want to work around your needs and give you the flexibility you deserve.  

Because of how we price our services (we’ll touch on that shortly) you can be involved in the process as much as you like. If you want your team to be involved in parts of the process, that’s cool – we can discuss what parts of the process Kin will lead, and what you will handle on your own. Every business is different and unique so why should you have to follow the same structure as everyone else?

Pay as you go 

Just as our sister company Humankind offers HR as a service, Kin offers recruitment as a service. This means it's pay as you go, hourly rate recruitment. 

Traditional pricing models favour the recruitment agency. Using a time and materials approach, we deliver exceptional outcomes for up to half the cost of working with a traditional agency. We focus on our clients’ needs more than our own. As a result, we create long-lasting relationships that create value based on trust, not just money.

We just think commissions are old school. Unbundled, hourly rate, pay-as-you-go recruitment simply makes sense. 

We’re a team 

Whether you partner with us for the entire recruitment process or just part of it, you can expect an exceptional experience. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way because being on the same page is important to us. We don’t like unpleasant surprises either.

You’ll experience a true sense of partnership in every interaction you have. We’ll feel like part of your team as we become your brand ambassador, your voice to market, and your trusted advisor. 

Trust us. Turn to us. We are Kin.