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Like a boss
Theresa Nguyen | 30 April 2020

Heavy hangs the head who wears the crown

In trying moments, such as these times of uncertainty we are in at the moment, the qualities that make a leader great are all the more important.

Whether you’re a business leader, team leader, or leader of your household - there are certain qualities that inspire your team to work productively together and get the positive results you all desire. In trying moments, such as these times of uncertainty we are in at the moment, the qualities that make a leader great are all the more important.

I personally have had to trust both my country leader plus my Kin leader these past weeks to make the right decisions. It can’t be easy being a leader in this current market.

Here are 5 of the attributes that I believe make for great leadership.

1. Kindness
As our PM has repeated many times throughout the last month of our Covid-19 fight, kindness is a priority. Knowing that your team are all going through their own personal struggles and anxieties is a good place to start. Some bubbles are larger than others. Some are alone. Many are trying to cope with working from home while trying to school their children. Some could be re-considering their relationship status.

2. Confidence and research
Confidence in your knowledge and a well-researched message will inspire confidence in your team. Going into a conversation with a well-researched message, helps to calm people’s minds and puts trust in you and what you’re saying. We’re not talking Dr Google and Facebook Aunts here. It’s well backed research and having the confidence in your market and in your team backing you.

3. Willingness to listen and correct mistakes (flexibility)
Being a flexible leader, or having a flexible leader gives your team the confidence to share their own thoughts and ideas with you. By keeping an open mind to their suggestions and being willing to re-evaluate your own ideas - you are creating a space for creativity in problem solving to flourish.

4. A calm and clear head
This goes back to point 2, being confident in your position makes a world of difference, but also try and leave your personal frustrations and worries at the door. Take some time to yourself if possible, and go into meetings with a centred disposition. If you’re feeling anxious yourself, try meditating, or listening to some calming music, or getting some fresh air beforehand.

5. Positivity
Your headspace will be noticed by your team. We know times are testing, but trying to look at this from a place of opportunity and growth will inspire your team to do the same, and will make them feel more motivated to move your business / household / forward.

As we head into our first week at alert level 3, there will be a lot of different emotions. For many, the thought of extending bubbles is welcoming. Everyone is adjusting to the new “norm” which of course will still put pressure on leaders to make sure safety and well-being is paramount.

What traits of great leadership have you seen this month?