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Wendy Alexander | 6 August 2020

Recruitment - are you ready to do things differently?

The days of inflexible contracts and business models are disappearing, and about time too!

The world is changing

I love that there are so many more options when engaging services these days. Over the last decade we’ve seen many industries move to contract-free, pay-as-you-go pricing models. Whether it’s your gym membership, your telco service, or a streaming platform; the days of inflexible contracts and business models are disappearing, and about time too!

Inflexible contracts really only favour the service provider and offer no spirit of partnership and little in the way of shared risk. One industry ripe for change is the recruitment industry. We believe today’s employer is ready for a change in the way they engage with recruitment agencies; this is the ethos from which Kin was created. We’re quietly proud to lead the way in offering a time and materials approach, providing exceptional recruitment outcomes, often at around half the cost of a traditional recruitment agency.

As business leaders start to see signs of economic recovery, they’re looking for new ways to engage with service providers. Most organisations within my network are keeping a close eye on costs but still want the option to lean on external expertise when they need to. That’s why we created +Kin; a super flexible way to get expert help with your recruitment process, but only in the areas where you need it.

How +Kin can help your business

+Kin offers a time and materials approach. This means employers pay for our expertise on an hourly rate basis, tapping into the parts of the recruitment process where they need a hand. As an employer, you may be confident and capable with some parts of the recruitment process, but not all of it. Or perhaps you’re time-poor and in need of results. +Kin can jump into your process at any point, including:

  1. Creating compelling ad copy
  2. Searching for talent (or headhunting)
  3. Screening and shortlisting candidates
  4. Conducting Interviews
  5. Writing interview questions
  6. Interview panel participation
  7. Reference and background checks
  8. Ability/personality testing
  9. Offer negotiation

Is +Kin right for you?

Whether you’re a large organisation or a small one, +Kin offers the flexibility and know-how to support your next hire. Clients who partner with us in this way feel confident, supported, and comfortable that they’re getting genuine value for money.

Best of all, every time you engage with our business, you’re playing your part in helping us continue to support those less fortunate through our Giving Programme.

Connect with us now to find out whether +Kin might be right for your organisation.