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Nicola Van Heerden
Nicola Van Heerden | 11 February 2019

An introduction to our Kin team - Nicola Van Heerden

"Working with purpose ignites the fire within us as individuals."

Why is purpose important in business?       


Finally, business got 'human' and it’s acceptable to talk about what really drives us as humans; purpose! 


Working with purpose ignites the fire within us as individuals. Collectively a team with a united 'reason for being' is a force to be reckoned with.  Passion, purpose and profit = unstoppable! - and that is certainly the type of business I want to be a part of! 



What do you love about working with Kin?    


Everything!  The autonomy, the flexibility to work when and where I like, the amazingly talented team, the inspirational leadership.  Never have I worked with such an amazing team of genuine, supportive, intelligent people who are equally passionate about what we do! 



Why are you passionate about working with Kin clients?    


We work a lot in the SME space, and I love that. Because we work across all sectors I am constantly growing and broadening my business knowledge.  Currently I am working on positions in Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, IT and Manufacturing. This provides a kind of oversight of business and the market that you just don’t get as a specialist recruiter. 



In your opinion, what’s the most important part of the recruitment process, and why?    


Taking the role brief is important and making sure that you really understand the business and the role well to find the ideal candidate. 


And the interviewing is important, keeping it human and respecting the candidate.  I'm often told 'thanks for making that feel like a conversation rather than an interview' and that’s how I think it should feel. 



What’s been a special moment (or a moment that matters) for you since starting at Kin, and why?    


Just one?  There has been a heap!  As one of the very first on board it has been an amazing journey. From getting our first half a dozen clients, constantly thinking about how we can do things better, differently, with more innovation. The actual launch of Kin six months into our journey, growing into a much bigger and totally awesome team…. 


Another is helping amazing, small New Zealand businesses grow.  I've built close relationships and got close to the businesses, so seeing their expansion and growth trajectory has been quite special.