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Big Buddy Mentoring

Finding father figures

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“I had to find someone really clever with a big heart … I took the opportunity to work with Kin and they’ve blown us away every step of the way.”

“Kin’s approach right from the start was to listen, do lots of listening … I was really impressed with how sincerely and genuinely Kin wanted to understand and know more about Big Buddy and took that information away and completely hit it out of the park in terms of filling the roles … we’re in a much better place because of that.”

“I would recommend Kin to anyone that needs a serious, organised and effective recruitment partner and business partner - and anyone that wants a relationship with an external provider who’s going to add value to their business.”

“The overall experience of working with Kin is one of extraordinary value and I like to define it as a true partnership. Kin’s ability to get alongside us and truly connect with our work to produce the best possible result means our organisation, our charity, is in a much stronger position to continue to reach more boys throughout the country.”

Paul Burns | CEO

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