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Kin Team
Wendy Alexander | 10 September 2018

Profit and Purpose and why we love both

From very early on in the Kin journey, our team were clear that they wanted to align with and support the not-for-profit sector.

These organisations work tirelessly in their chosen fields, creating support structures that benefit the community. Figures released by Statistics NZ show non-profit organisations contribute upwards of $6 billion to the New Zealand economy each year – amazing. 

We’re all familiar with the term not-for-profit (NFP), but I prefer the term profit for purpose (PFP). It is so much more optimistic, and I believe better represents what these organisations are actually all about.  

Whether operating through partial funding from a Philanthropic Trust or the Government, or standing on their own feet through fund-raising and sponsorship, these organisations succeed or struggle based on the calibre of their people. At a time when many PFP’s are striving to adopt more professional standards in how they manage, operate and govern their organisation, it’s more important than ever to attract and retain the right people.  

At Kin, our purpose is to help people love what they do, and do what they love. We’ve placed many people into roles within the PFP sector. One of the greatest joys we experience when working with these entities, is the human-ness of our interaction with them. Those who are drawn to work in this sector generally have an elevated social conscience, and a genuine desire to improve the outcomes of those they serve. 

As a start-up approaching our first birthday, Kin has a focus on profit to fund growth. For us, profit does not mean greed, it means we can re-invest for growth, hire more amazing Talent Specialists, and support more PFP’s to find great people.   

Right now we support B1G1 through monthly giving, measured against business milestones. As a team we collaborate on the causes we give to, both local and global. As we grow and continue to prosper, we can’t wait to do more giving like this.  

Until then, we’ll continue to support our profit-for-purpose clients in attracting and hiring amazing purpose driven humans. 

What is your purpose?