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Wendy Alexander and Samantha Gadd
Samantha Gadd | 28 September 2018

Great people make work wonderful

Ten months ago we launched Kin, sister company to Humankind. We did this to offer a better recruitment experience, for both clients and candidates.

I have been reflecting on the journey as we near our first year anniversary and can’t believe the lessons we have learnt and fun we have had, I look forward to fully reflecting on this when we hit our first anniversary!

Growing a business fast means it is so easy to focus on what isn’t going well, or the list of things to do/accomplish.

What I have been considering recently though is how much of a difference finding the right senior people can make, and in this case the right business partner!

I met Wendy a year or so before we decided to ‘get married’ and create Kin. At our first meeting we immediately formed a strong connection. I had, and continue to have huge respect for the experience, wisdom and elegant client skills Wendy possesses and I knew there were skills I had, which were complimentary. The match so far has been amazing, we have faced our fair share of amazing business wins, tough decisions and growth pains. Through it all though, I have immensely valued having Wendy by my side, and doing most of the heavy lifting to build Kin.

At Kin we are all about helping organisations find amazing people. Often finding the right person, or people is the most strategic decision we will make as business leaders. A great person can make your business, just like the wrong hire can break it! Understanding chemistry and whether a candidate will connect is certainly at the core of what we are about. 

At the heart of what has worked for Wendy and I is trust. We bring such different skills to the table, we trust each other to get on with it! We share core values around integrity, kindness and family and overall an ambition to deliver a great service to our clients. 

What I love most about Kin, is the opportunity to help others achieve strong professional relationships too. We love finding great people for great roles within great organisations and know the difference this can make.

Thank you Wendy for being an awesome business partner, I love sharing every part of the Kin journey with you.

This is a shout out to all those people who make our lives wonderful at work. Who do you need to thank?

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