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Philippa Greaney | 11 March 2019

An introduction to our Kin team - Philippa Greaney

"The way you treat other people is incredibly important."

Why is purpose important in business?   

Business is a combination of groups of people and people are important. The way you treat other people is incredibly important.  If you take building profit and creating revenue out of the picture, it’s all about how we treat people and why we’re working together. 


What do you love about working with Kin?   

The Kin team really understand the importance of people and the importance of connecting with people. It’s about being genuine, respectful, fun and excellent at what we do and we all have a real commitment to deliver real value, which is such a pleasure. 


Why are you passionate about working with Kin clients?   

I’m very lucky to have quite a few NGO’s in my portfolio. It’s an added bonus to be working with charitable organisations that are doing something really important in the world, so I’m lucky in that respect as it really aligns with my own values. 


In your opinion, what’s the most important part of the recruitment process, and why?   

For me it’s the insight into character; it’s important to assess skills, but skills are trainable and transferrable – character is more complex and a long run process to acquire.   


I see my key role in the recruitment process as really trying to find insights into personality and character so I can see what that person is really about and what they can bring to the organisation.  Obviously you’re looking for some traits that might not always be positive to mitigate risk for the client.  I love to look for that aspect of a person that sometimes they don’t front with.  In recruitment it can be very formal and people are not clear about how much of their authentic self to reveal.  It’s a bit of a dance, so I like to make people feel really comfortable and safe, so they can be authentic and reveal who they really are. That gives you absolutely the best opportunity to see whether they’re going to be happy in the role and whether they’ll be a good fit. 


What’s been a special moment (or a moment that matters) for you since starting at Kin, and why?   

I had a really good moment recently, where I placed a wonderful young woman in a role for an NGO client.  We’d gone to market and had a limited number of applicants, so we used our search process and found this amazing young woman who had just started thinking she was ready for the next step in her career.  We brought her in, interviewed her and she was ultimately offered the job – all in under 10 hours of our time! It was a win, win, win for the client, the applicant and us!  Our client ended up with an amazing new employee for next to nothing in terms of the cost for the service, the applicant found a new career and for us, it was just one of those happy moments in recruiting that you aim for - timing is everything in recruitment!