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Jo Macdonald
Jo Macdonald | 9 January 2019

An introduction to our Kin team - Jo Macdonald

"People need to be treated with respect, we are all human and we all have feelings."

Why is purpose important in business?    


I think purpose is important in business because it has a flow on effect.  If I feel I have a strong sense of purpose in my role, I want to work hard, which in turn affects my clients’ and candidate’s experience, which will ultimately go on to affect the success of the organisation I work for.    


What do you love about working with Kin?    


It’s hard to single this out to just one thing.  I love my team, they make me laugh every day.  I love that Kin enables me to be a mum first and foremost, but to also have a job where I feel fulfilled and empowered to do great work.  I love working for Kin because of the flexible nature of our model; I can work from a cafe, from my lounge or from the office. I love that Kin are doing recruitment differently, I want to be a part of that innovation! 


Why are you passionate about working with Kin clients?    


I am really passionate about the clients I work with because I love learning their business from inside out then going out and finding them amazing new family members. They are really diverse so I’m continuously learning. I still get a huge sense of fulfilment when I place the right candidate into the right role, by that stage I am really invested in my client’s business, I almost feel like I am part of their team, so it means a great deal to me to find them exceptional talent.  


In your opinion, what’s the most important part of the recruitment process, and why?    


This is something I place a lot of emphasis on, as unfortunately I hear a lot of horror stories out there.  For me, it is all about good communication.  People need to be treated with respect, we are all human and we all have feelings.  Regardless of if someone lands the role or not, I want people to have a positive experience throughout their journey with Kin.   


What’s been a special moment (or a moment that matters) for you since starting at Kin, and why?    


I think it was the moment of realisation that this was the organisation for me, a place that supports and empowers its people, and I’m so lucky to be part of the Kin journey of doing recruitment differently!