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Tracey Fletcher | 10 June 2024

How to stand out as an employer in this uncertain employment market.

When it comes to being an employer and hiring in this market, it can be very overwhelming, and difficult to know what best practice looks like.

Recently, Tracey from the Kin team was invited to be part of an Employment Market panel hosted by Powrsuit. This session was born from the uncertainty and change we’re seeing in the employment market, and the high number of recent redundancies. The panel covered some of the market statistics and techniques for resiliency, as well as some practical tips for individuals on how to put their best foot forward in an uncertain job market.

The statistics are compelling; Seek recently reported a 15% reduction in the number of job adverts in Aotearoa and, at the same time, a 153% increase in application numbers (versus pre-covid levels). This is the stark reality at the moment; less job opportunities and more people looking.

When it comes to being an employer and hiring in this market, it can be very overwhelming, and difficult to know what best practice looks like. So, what are the key things to think about to not only support candidates through uncertain times, but to set your organisation apart as an employer of choice?  Here are some thoughts…

Put yourself in their shoes

Taking an empathic approach is always something we’d recommend at Kin, but this is particularly important at the moment.  Candidates are often feeling vulnerable and may be in a situation of seeking new job, when it hasn’t been their choice.  Keep in mind that at the end of every application is a human, which makes communication key. As much as you can, be upfront and transparent about timeframes and recruitment processes; these processes sometimes take longer than expected or deadlines may shift, and that’s ok, just make sure to keep applicants up to date. Even an email saying “I don’t have an update yet” is an update.

It's your brand

As soon as a candidate sees your advert and hits ‘apply’ they are experiencing your organisation’s brand.  The goal at the end, no matter the outcome for the individual, is that they come away with a positive memory of your brand, making them more likely to want to work with you in the future. Respect and open communication will see your brand come out as an employer of choice. If you’ve met a candidate for an interview but they’re not ‘the one’, pick up the phone for a conversation and to provide feedback to them. Perhaps your thoughtful feedback will set them up for success in their next interview! Or, the next time you have a vacancy, they might just be the perfect fit.

You may need them

If you’re thinking “the candidate we choose will choose us too… right?” this isn’t always the case.  Some recruitment processes can end with the preferred candidate deciding it’s not the right role for them, or accepting another offer, particularly in this market where candidates are keen to secure their next role as soon as they can. If this happens, you may want to go back to your previous applicants and bring them back into the process.  If you’ve communicated well with them during the process, this will be much easier! You’ll be able to reach back out to them and quickly loop them back into the process. For more ideas on making an offer, check out this blog.

So, at the heart of it all is people! Taking an empathetic and open approach to your hiring, and always coming from a place of kindness, will set you up for success in this very uncertain market. Keen to find more about how Kin works? Reach out to us on [email protected] for a chat!