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Wendy Alexander | 1 November 2018

An introduction to our Kin team - Wendy Alexander

"Purpose is important because it gives your work more meaning."

Why is purpose important in business?

To me purpose is important because it gives your work more meaning. I can’t imagine doing something that didn’t have significance or that I didn’t feel really good about how I’d spent my time at the end of each day.


What do you love about working with Kin?

There are two main things:

1.     I love the fact that we are doing things differently and disrupting the recruitment market – I really enjoy the challenge that comes with that.  Change to the traditional recruitment model has been a long time coming and is well overdue.  It’s time to give the market a fairer deal and a better way of doing things - a true spirit of partnership.

2.     Working with likeminded people who understand the significance of high-quality recruitment; client-side and within our team.


Why are you passionate about working with Kin clients?

Across the board our clients all have their own sense of purpose and are all on a mission – they all want to be better and they all want to grow and to do that well.  They need to hire people who are an amazing fit for their team.  I love working with Kin clients as when they come to us, we engage at a really deep level and we understand what it is that they need to take that next step and are able to support them to do that – and that feels really good!


In your opinion, what’s the most important part of the recruitment process, and why?

Hands-down for me, it’s taking the role brief.  In a previous life I’ve worked with clients where the brief isn’t necessarily clear.  It might only be three bullet points, or you might start a process and then it changes half way through.  What I’ve learned is that the most critical part is actually identifying what it is an organisation is looking for so that we can go out and find that person for them. 

The brief is not a short exchange of email – it’s sitting down with a client, ideally in their environment, and spending time to really understand what they need, however long that takes.  For senior roles, it generally takes up to an hour to really understand team fit, cultural alignment, as well as the skill and the will. 


What’s been a special moment (or a moment that matters) for you since starting at Kin, and why?

This is timely as we’ve just had our first birthday!!  For me, that’s a really special moment.  The last year has passed in an absolute blur – there have been days where the highs have been euphoric, and it’s been amazing, and the counterbalance of that is that there have been days where things haven’t gone so well.  That’s life in a start-up! We’ve learned a whole heap along the way, but at the culmination of our first year – I feel like we’re in the situation where we’ve got a clear understanding of what we bring to the market.  We’ve got an amazing team and I feel like we’ve built a really solid foundation.  The coming year is where we can really start to scale and look at building on the markets we’re already working in and breaking into other new markets as well.