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Wendy Alexander | 21 November 2023

Balancing profit with purpose

From the very beginning of Kin’s journey, our team has been committed to being a business as a force for good.

It started back in 2017 when we first took off our training wheels as a business and we chose B1G1 as our global charity partner. We love the simplicity of the B1G1 platform; by linking simple business milestones with our giving, our everyday actions make a difference to the charities our team has chosen. 

When we get together as a whole team, we give to provide 10 sexual exploitation prevention workshops to children in Colombia

When we receive an enquiry through the Kin website, we provide 1 day of shelter for a person in the world

When we place someone in a new role, we provide 1 family with the education to prevent trafficking in India.

When we start working on a new role for a client, we plant 1 tree for income generation and nutrition for families in Kenya.

When we celebrate a birthday, we give 1 dollar to support female entrepreneurs with microfinance and bookkeeping skills in Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

As Kin grew and our cashflow became more robust, we added a New Zealand based charity partner to our giving programme. We’re thrilled to bits to be a sponsor of Garden to Table and we’re right behind their dream: for every child in Aotearoa New Zealand to have the opportunity and resources to grow and share their own fresh kai as part of daily life. 

Our partnership with Garden to Table is a blend of financial, and services in kind so you can expect to see us in our gummies at a local school in the coming few months!

It felt like a natural progression for us to flirt with the idea of becoming a B Corp certified organisation. If you know anything at all about the accreditation process (all B Corps will have a horror story!), you’ll know it’s not for the faint hearted. You can read more about our journey to becoming a B here.

More than anything else we’ve done as a business, committing to the ethos of the B Corp framework has given us a very solid foundation from which all decisions are made. We also love being part of a mighty (and growing) Aotearoa B Corp community where even first meetings are based on a shared understanding and intrinsic trust – it really is a connected community.

If you’re considering the impact your business can make in the world, and you’d like to chat more about our journey we’d welcome a korero. We have a long way to go in terms of what we hope to achieve but we’ve also learned a few things along the way and are happy to share.

How do you balance profit with purpose?