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Samantha Gadd | 31 October 2017

Why Kin?

This was written by our sister company Humankind and published on their blog.

Last week we launched Kin, sister company to Humankind – what an exciting time!

We wanted to share some of the backstory and why we decided to create a new business.

About this time last year, we recognised a few opportunities to better support our clients and move us toward our vision of helping to build the best workplaces in the world.

1.     Our clients trust us and often ask us to help build their team by finding new talent

2.     Often our clients need contract HR specialists, not a consulting solution

3.     To support our own growth we need a strong talent pipeline for Humankind. 

When I thought about these opportunities and how we might best deliver I immediately thought of contacting Wendy Alexander, my now business partner to build a new generation recruitment business. 

Delivering great recruitment outcomes in a tight talent market is a specialist skill, it was important to us we built a team of experienced talent specialists for our clients. 

This year we have developed our proposition, built a brand, visual identity, website, a team of amazing people, implemented new technology and all the operational support systems to get a business off the ground. We have also been delivering to clients through all of this. Building a business is never easy, even if it is the second time around – but we are proud of what we have created and excited about what’s next.

It was important to us we built a team of experienced talent specialists for our clients

The name Kin is derived from Humankind and represents the relationships and connections we want to have with our clients. 

Over the next few months we will be introducing Kin to all our clients and sharing some of our ideas on how to recruit the best talent. We can’t wait!