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Jo Macdonald | 25 September 2023

The power of storytelling

It's important to partner with a talent specialist who knows how to tell your story!

I've come to realise, the part of my role I love the most is storytelling. I love connecting with people and creating excitement around a role, opening people's eyes to the possibility of something new or something they hadn't thought of before.

I'm really fortunate in my role, I get to connect with a wide variety of candidates, some are actively seeking new opportunities so they’re eager to hear about an organisation and role and the opportunities within that, others, I uncover through research, looking at what motivates them, what their values and drivers are and align that with what my clients are seeking. Those “passive” candidates are the ones that sometimes need a bit more convincing, and that’s where the magic comes in.

Through becoming a strategic partner with my amazing clients, I often feel like I am one of their team, I believe in their kaupapa, their brand, their values, and want to help them grow. And that's what you want in a recruitment partner, someone that genuinely cares and loves to see people thrive.

I’m fortunate to partner with teams doing incredible things for people and the planet both in NZ and offshore. More often than not, I have powerful stories to tell, but for me, it's about knowing the right questions to ask a client, uncovering those gems that can describe their employment brand and what it truly feels like to be one of them.

If you're an organisation looking to partner with a recruiter, it's important to be able to describe your brand story and then work with a recruitment specialist who knows how articulate it and describe that feeling authentically and genuinely.

Getting that part right is critical to great hires, and here’s why:

  • Story telling can engage candidates both intellectually and emotionally, becoming more invested.
  • It attracts candidates who align with your values, mission and goals, and those candidates want to stay longer and help you grow!
  • It fosters trust, when a candidate feels your recruiter really understands you as an organisation, they are more likely to trust the recruitment process and your organisation.
  • A recruiter who can authentically tell your story will reduce the likelihood of a mismatch between expectations and the actual work environment.
  • A recruiter that truly understands your story can focus on finding candidates who not only fit the immediate role, but who also have the potential to contribute to your longer term growth goals and success.
  • If a talent specialist truly knows your organisation, they can ask more targeted questions to assess alignment with an organisation’s values and culture which lead to better informed hiring decisions.

As the market starts to become competitive again, it’s going to be important to have a strong recruitment partner to help set your organisation apart and attract awesome people to your team.

Sing out if you need a hand with your story telling, I’d love to go for a cuppa.