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Melanie Butler
Melanie Butler | 9 July 2019

An introduction to our Kin team - Melanie Butler

"We’re genuine people. Human kindness is our DNA."

Why is purpose important in a business? 

To me, having a purpose and one that both your employees and customers feel aligned with is hugely important to the success of your business and employee engagement and contribution. Candidates today, care about more than just securing a new role. More so than ever before, they are seeking to understand a business’s purpose and values to identify with that brand and calling. Making a meaningful difference and understanding how one contributes to that is essential to optimal engagement and performance.  


What do you love about working for Kin? 

We’re genuine people. Human kindness is our DNA. Our high trust, flexible working environment ensures our team are able to live life in harmony with Kin work. We’re commercially savvy, but not focused on the dollar and our working model reflects this. We focus on the important things like building relationships, understanding your business and making ever-lasting connections between employers and employees. Because of this, I believe our clients get the most authentic service in the industry. 


Why are you passionate about working with Kin clients? 

When a client reaches out to Kin, they’ve been purposeful about making this connection. They believe in our approach, the value and expertise we offer, and a true partnership is formed. They are committed to our process and through devoted collaboration, we make meaningful connections time and time again. We work across a broad industry spectrum, which both supports my growth and keeps my role pretty interesting. 


In your opinion, what’s the most important part of the recruitment process, and why? 

Personally, I get my thrills from finding that perfect match in personality and culture fit. It’s one thing to have strengths in a particular industry or skillset but aligning values and character aren’t coachable and become a fundamental part of the recruitment process. 


What’s been a special moment (or a moment that matters) for you since starting at Kin. 

Aside from engaging with some truly talented candidates and exceptional businesses doing meaningful work in our community…the most special moment for me has been the realisation that I’ve found my home with Kin. It is so unique and so right for me. I feel fortunate to be part of our mission and I love that everything I learned about Kin during my recruitment process – has been true to the word! Are we authentic to the core? Oh yes!