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Fairer, more transparent pricing

Our pricing

We’re reshaping recruitment, and an important part of that is fairer, better-value pricing. When we recruit your next team member, we’ll apply a flat hourly rate.

Hourly rate

$ 180 +gst

How this works

Choose us for the whole recruitment process, or part of it - you'll only pay for what you use. Placement fees are not part of our culture. And we bill monthly, so you can pay as you go. 

Let us put your mind at ease, pay as you go doesn't mean endless fees, here are some examples of recent hires (excl gst)

Some recent examples

Salaries < $75k

Team Administrator $5053
Office Administrator $4000

Salaries $75-100k

Management role $3561
Warehouse Manager $5715
Policy Analyst $4860

Salaries > $100k

Service Delivery Manager $6680
Operations Manager $8500
Fundraising Manager $7232

A great hire

Three steps to a great hire

Step 1


We gain a thorough understanding of your brand’s purpose, mission, and vision – our questions will help uncover things you haven’t thought about.



We’ll act as a trusted extension of your team in the market, turning candidates into fans who spread the word about your brand.



We’ll work together to find candidates who strongly connect with your culture, values, and goals – people who are fit for now and fit for the future.

How we do it


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